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Transformational Group Masterclass




Mondays & Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Local Community: In-Person Masterclass Coming Soon.

Deep Dive Masterclass V-Method


This masterclass is a body, mind, healing art practice for women. Designed to balance, strengthen, and relax the pelvic floor muscles. 

Awaken your feminine core energy

Move from burn-out to brilliance

Reclaim your vital force

No matter what your outer circumstances are during these unprecedented times, self-care is number one.

Together, create a sense of grace, well-being, and balance. This masterclass will support you to embody the visionary leader within.

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We will be integrating the following approaches for Embodied Womb Wellness and Empowerment!

  • Chi-training with weighted balls, weights, midline, Proprioception, and subtle body awareness.

  • Intention, attuning, and meditation practices. 

  • Core Awakening through Bhanda development, supporting retention and flow of prana.

  • Integrating East and West modalities of healing and wellness. 

  • Active and passive asana practice for deep core neuromuscular activation, release, and awakening. 

  • Improve the power of the brain/heart/breath connection through energy anatomy exercises.

All these elements work together to create a sense of strength, grace, well-being, and balance.

This masterclass leaves you feeling energized, relaxed, and strong in your body.

It includes:

1.) 2 Weekly Classes via Zoom.

  • Recorded.​

  • Time duration: 1 hour

2.) 1 Monthly Wellness Masterclass via Zoom.

  • This includes ayurvedic self-care techniques, free-form writing, meditation, chi gong, etc. 

  • Recorded. 

  • Time duration: 1.5 hours

3.) A Personal Library of Class Videos that is available for your to view whenever you need it.​

  • You will be notified by email when a new class recording is uploaded in the library.​

  • Recordings are uploaded within 48 hours.

Prepare to have your yoga mat, weights, blocks, and yoga straps.

Not sure if you want to commit long-term monthly?

Check out our Class Intro Special for ONLY $10 USD.

This pass is valid for a week. See you then!



"Teya's classes highlight her remarkable intuitive insight, combined with her solid knowledge about the human body and just plain FUN!" 


- Martha Allen -


"I have experienced the gifts of Teya's healing massage and dance/fitness classes.  Both have been invitations to notice and listen to the heartbeat of spirit within me; offering play, prayer, movement and healing." With deep gratitude 


- Ann Pope -


"Teya's insightful, grounded intelligence provides a jumping off point for learning about yourself and your body in a deeper way.  She is a generous and open teacher, and collaborates with her clients and students with integrity and kindness." (avid fan and friend) xoxo 


-  Antonette Greene  -


"As a practitioner & teacher, Teya is unique in her very broad knowledge of many movement and spiritual practices. She weaves it all together to create a space of heart, connection and joy in whatever format she is working in."


- Kathy Warinner -


“Be it classes in dance, exercise or yoga, or individual body work sessions, Teya Chavez's healing energy is always fresh and complete. She brings a rich tapestry of over twenty years of on-going studies in physiology, brain research, and healing arts to her work. Her wide variety of techniques, always evolving and being refined, result in her designing a well-crafted hour "event," and not the usual hour class. Add on her gifts of extraordinary intuition, honesty and commitment to all she does, this multi-dimensional practitioner is able to access a creative path to optimum health and well-being for all who participate. For those who are fortunate to work with her, she gives each individual the very best of herself! " (client)


- Joan Owen -

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