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Opening to one’s vision of health is the seed of inspiration for healing. Sessions and programs are offered with the intention of bringing a potent alchemical change of expanded possibility, fulfillment, and joy for greater ease of expression. Tangible tools are offered to support the emotional, mental, physical & spiritual integration into one's day-to-day life. Feel goodness and pleasure in one's body- being, sensing ease and grace no matter what the outer circumstances are: Thrive in the present. Assisting clients to integrate their experiences and supporting them to fulfill their vision is key to the work.


The Valentina Method is available for individuals, couples, families, and businesses. This training will focus on a branch of the VALENTINA METHOD's 3 Fold Process that encompasses GROUNDING, PRESENT TIME & ORIGINAL ESSENCE ENERGY. Through Intuitive Practices in a ceremonial space, integrate Yoga Asanas, deep pelvic floor core practices, Pranayama as well as movement, breath & sound for deepening your Embodiment. Learn how to ground & balance feminine* energy from above to below; Supporting one's nervous system to synergize in a balanced way during these changing times. Practical tools for the journey!

Teya is currently available in person throughout the Marin/Bay area and Nevada City/Grass Valley.

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