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Teya Valentina

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"Reclaiming Healing Sessions with Teya are a journey through  the realm of body and heart. A healing of the body of energy and deep body work."

Nubia Teixeira – Yoga Instructor.

Professional lifestyle coach

Advanced Body Healer


Therapeutic Movement Instructor

Teya is trained in the various modalities below and will implement them when needed for your highest well being

Professional / lifestyle coaching 
Dance  and movement healing sessions
Intuitive Education  & Counciling
Yoga, Core Awakening & Somatic Therapy
Advanced Body Therapies
  • Injury/Trauma Recovery 

  • Myofacial - Scar Tissue release 

  • Energy & Sound Healing | Reiki | Polarity Therapy

  • Hot Stone Therapy | Cupping  Reflexology | Trigger point

  • Swedish/Aromatherapy 

  • Sports Massage | Deep Tissue/Shiatsu

  • Cellular Restructuring | Alchemical Hypnotherapy Bodywork

  • Pregnancy massage/support

  • Yoga therapy  | holistic health consultation/coaching

  • Cupping

  • Internal palette release therapy

  • Holistic health education/coaching

  • Tibetan Cranial - Sacral  




She draws from her life experiences,studies-mentorships, and degree-certifications integrating:

  • Wisdom Indigenous  Pathways

  •  Expressive Healing Arts

  • Dance & Somatic Movement Therapies

  •  Integrative Holistic Medicine

  • Advanced Body Therapies & Massage

  • Sound & Subtle body healing

  • Conscious "Logos" Communication 

  • Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness



Intuitive Consultation and Training:  
Teya has created a comprehensive practical training that awakens and strengthens your intuitive abilities.

Training includes:

  • "Accessing Grounding Energy":

Benefits the nervous system and helps prevent sensory/motor overload

  • "Higher Mind communication with the body":

Benefits are clarity of thought, integrated body/mind connection

  • "Restructuring & calibrating of emotional/energy body":

For optimal day to day functioning 

  • "Clearing Hereditary Stream" :

Clearing agreements from past generations and welcoming in the gifts that Hereditary can offer.
These sessions can be integrated with the advanced healing body therapy


(Zoom Consultations Available)

Teya is trained in the various modalities below and
will implement them when needed for your highest well being:

  •  Injury/Trauma Recovery 

  • Myofascial- Scar Tissue release 

  •  Energy & Sound Healing • Reiki • Polarity Therapy

  • Hot Stone Therapy • Reflexology •Trigger point

  •  Swedish/Aromatherapy • 

  • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue/Shiatsu

  •  Cellular Restructuring • Alchemical Hypnotherapy Bodywork

  • Pregnancy massage/support

  • yoga therapy  •holistic health consultation/coaching

Biodynamic oils, sounding bowls 
Advanced body therapies  for the three-fold nature of the body
(thinking/nerve-sense system,feeling/circulatory,willing/metabolic)

"In Sacred Space, we focus on bringing your whole being into the present time...."


Your original essence is then free to be integrated into your physical cellular structure.










  •  Integrating the inspirational ideas of Rudolf Steiner / Anthroposophy

  •  Educating Head, Heart & Hands -(thinking, feeling & willing )









I first came to Teya five or six years ago for bodywork and very quickly discovered she has much, much more to offer.  Her strong, healing hands know their way around the human body very well, but it is her intuitive skills and extensive knowledge in a variety of esoteric fields that I find even more valuable.  Bringing this vast knowledge to bear in each session, Teya not only helps her clients to heal but also to consciously expand into the fullness of their broader Selves.  If this were not enough to keep me coming back every two weeks, Teya is also a warm, caring, intelligent, funny, and completely lovely woman.

Anne Cole, client

Reclaiming Healing Sessions with Teya are a journey through the realm of body and heart. It is a shamanic experience, a healing of the body of energy and deep bodywork.
Nubia Teixeira - Yoga Instructor.

Teya's advanced bodywork is the best I have ever experienced, integrating heart, head, soul, and body.  Our work is no longer a "luxury," but an essential part of my life to ensure whole health.  I am daily grateful for our ongoing work together.
-Hali Croner

"My time with Teya is sacred. She helps me reconnect on a deep level with both my body and heart. Teya is both gentle and fierce in her desire to heal and rejuvenate. She is precious to me".- Margie Jamin Psychotherapist

“As a long-time body-worker, I am very particular about the quality of the bodywork I receive. Teya is one of the few

practitioners I see. She is a true healer; combining expertise on many levels (physical and beyond) with a deeply

grounded capacity to hold a clear healing space."

Diane Peterson, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

I have worked with Teya for years.  She is a very versatile healer and guide.  When I
need sound healing, Teya does that.  When I need advice on relationships, Teya
provides that.  If I have hurt myself by misusing my body, Teya will dive right in and
help heal the wound.  Her breadth and depth of training are truly amazing.  I would
recommend her to anyone.
Wyliam Holder

I have been receiving bodywork from Teya and attending her body sculpt classes for five years.  Teya has been a healer and inspiring mentor to me.  Teya's intuitive approach to bodywork means that each session is specifically designed to meet the client's immediate needs.  Her alchemy of touch, pressure, use of sound and aromatherapy bring healing for both new tensions and long-held physical and emotional injuries.  Teya's body sculpt classes are empowering, result-oriented, and fun!  In teaching her classes, she incorporates her many years of experience and study in dance, music, anatomy, and bodywork. Teya's endless enthusiasm and positive energy ignite her classes.
-Carolyn Shear Photographer, mother


"Teya is a true healer, community advocate, mother, daughter, and friend who has access to many different realities and lives with serious, deliberate intention.  She intuitively combines a multitude of techniques based on her extensive research and life experience to continually awaken what I already know, inform my life, and support new directions I choose."

-Skye Bailey, Founder, Little Arrows Schools


August 27, 2008
gratitude for the depth from which you offer .... and
congratulations on this next evolution of your work in the world... in beauty

Sahn Nicole Hill
August 27, 2008 is a blessing to have you back home with us..the simple beauty of your presence nurtures 'hope'..visions of hope for humanity
love, your nidezsha, sahn

Sandy Claire
August 24, 2008
Looks like you are in another beautiful transformation.

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